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THE WORKSHOP STUDIOS was launched to enable opportunities to be offered to a wider age range and develop pathways for both recreational students and those looking for a more serious training schedule.

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‘The Workshop’ as it was originally known, was founded in 2018 by Artistic Director Cat Chapman as a programme for young dancers wanting to intensively train towards a career in the Arts.

In September 2019 ‘THE WORKSHOP STUDIOS’ was launched to enable those opportunities to be offered to a wider age range and develop pathways for both recreational students and those looking for a more serious training schedule.

After many years of teaching the highly renowned syllabus grades of the ISTD,  Cat changed direction and spent almost a decade developing dance and theatre training programmes for students who hadn’t followed the traditional ‘dance school’ route. This included the creation of the all-male youth dance company LEGACY Dance Company UK in 2015. With these classes and programmes, Cat was able to connect with more young people and combine high level technical training and mentoring with their raw passion and talent, giving them direction and access to a much wider range of vocational training opportunities. Throughout this time, Cat also developed successful pre-school classes, ran outreach programmes in schools whilst also maintaining a professional choreographic career in the industry.



THE WORKSHOP STUDIOS is a place where every student, young or old will be encouraged to strive for their best. “

Seeing the benefit of all the different ways of training and the fusion of this knowledge was the driving force behind launching THE WORKSHOP STUDIOS. The goal that every child and young person, no matter their experience can find a home where they will be offered quality, artistic education by qualified and experienced professionals is paramount. Whether they wish to enter into the Performing Arts Industry or not, each student is encouraged to achieve their best and strive for improvement in all areas of their training, taking the transferable skills learnt with them on whichever journey they choose to follow.

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“Our son has been fortunate enough to attend ‘Legacy Dance Company UK‘ for the past two years and we are delighted with the opportunities and experiences he has had since joining the group under the direction of Cat Chapman.  Cat has been instrumental in developing his confidence and love of dance and the impact she has had on him can only be measured by positivity.”


“Having had the opportunity to work with many dance teachers over my thirty years in the profession, it is my opinion that there are only a few that have the ability to teach to the highest standard of artistic and technical development in a sincerely professional capacity.  Cat is most definitely one of them”


“Since meeting in 2014, Cat has had a huge impact on my development into the confident young man and performer that I am today. She would often make time in the various classes I attended to help me improve in techniques and build confidence around other people.”


“The Workshop Studios is an exceptional facility offering the very best performance training. From core technical dance classes through to musical theatre and wider dance genres, my daughter loves every lesson. The teaching team are passionate and dedicated to developing each student to their full potential, whilst building confidence too. It’s no wonder Cat Chapman has such a fabulous reputation in the industry!”